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Less Alone: A Podcast About Connection

In a world where we are more in touch than ever but meaningful connections are lacking, 3 friends, Amy Moore, Anna Newell Jones, and Erin Linehan have taken their coffee shop chats to the podcast studio.

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Nov 6, 2019

Welcome back for the 2nd season of the Less Alone Podcast! Today, we’ve got an incredible story to share with you! Joining us for our very 1st interview EVER are Brian and Kelsey McNeill of A Light We Share

Humans are magnificent beings, as Brian and Kelsey will testify. After Brian’s two near-death experiences, Brian and Kelsey have a new mission through their movement called A Light We Share, and that involves telling others about the incredible support that we can be to one another and the effect we can have in the lives of those around us. They share about their journey of hardship and pain, but more than that, about people’s ability to pull together and support one another. 

They also talk about how each person has worth and the fact that each of us brings beauty into the world and that we are all worthy of life. Brian and Kelsey share their in-depth accounts of the months though his illness and how the whole process has transformed their perspective on life and compelled them to share their hope with others. 

They have a truly incredible story! 

For all this and more tune in to the Less Alone Podcast! 

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