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Less Alone: A Podcast About Connection

In a world where we are more in touch than ever but meaningful connections are lacking, 3 friends, Amy Moore, Anna Newell Jones, and Erin Linehan have taken their coffee shop chats to the podcast studio.

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Jan 22, 2020

“Get out da way! Fat girl needs to eat!” In this episode, we’re fired up and we’re goin’ hog jaw about: internalized fatphobia, How to Deprogram from Diet Culture, and letting go of the mental obsession with diet and weight. Plus, we talk about: The Pied Piper of Candy, lovin’ on some buttercream, becoming friends with your body, how to shed the critical voice, high-five training, mindfulness vs. meditation, and how to add in some joyful movement to get to the ultimate goal of: full-body acceptance. 

This episode deep dives into the connection to our intuition and bodies so be sure to tune in! 

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