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Less Alone: A Podcast About Connection

In a world where we are more in touch than ever but meaningful connections are lacking, 3 friends, Amy Moore, Anna Newell Jones, and Erin Linehan have taken their coffee shop chats to the podcast studio.

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Jun 5, 2019

Welcome back to Episode 2 of the Less Alone Podcast! We’ve got a ton of updates for you!  We’ve now got a website and you can now find us everywhere on social media! Today’s big topic is: How to Make Friends. There are certain intricacies of adult friendships that can sometimes be tricky (especially compared to how easy it sometimes seemed as kids.) In this episode we dive into how different life stages truly impact the connections that we’re able to make, and keep, in the long term. We also take a look at how finding friends as an adult can often be a lot like dating… how there’s a certain chemistry involved with finding people that you just “click with”. We break down what it means to find a compatible vulnerability in the friendships you pursue and how your body language can aid — or impede — building strong connections. Finally, we end the episode with some great practical tips on how to make friends. For an incredible conversation on building connections, don’t miss out on today’s episode!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • A run-through of updates and announcements
  • Understanding the importance of having social ties in your life
  • Dunbar's number: a level of connection lost at the magic number of 150
  • Adult friends and the impact of being in different stages of life
  • Incorporating chemistry into friendship: is it like dating?
  • Learning to adopt inherent worthiness
  • The disappointing nature of gossiping and why you should avoid it
  • Finding a compatible vulnerability within your adult friendships
  • How to use the right body language for building connection
  • Practical tips on how to make friends as an adult
  • And much more!


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