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Less Alone: A Podcast About Connection

In a world where we are more in touch than ever but meaningful connections are lacking, 3 friends, Amy Moore, Anna Newell Jones, and Erin Linehan have taken their coffee shop chats to the podcast studio.

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Feb 12, 2020

How to develop instant -- but not manufactured -- chemistry, the parallels between our all-time high levels of interconnectivity and heightened loneliness, bullshit meters, people-pleasing, rebels with bathtubs, flannel, course-correcting, and dumb laws. Plus, we talk about how "the real goal of the Tiny House Movement is not to get everyone into a ‘Tiny House’ but its power is in how it “encourages more efficient, right-sized living, so you have everything you need and nothing you don’t.” This episode is about the connection (and re-connection) to home and family. 


We chat about all this and much more in our interview with the charming and warm, John Weisbarth, so be sure to tune in! 


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